Church Council

St. Thomas Lutheran Church front doorsThe St. Thomas Lutheran Church Council provides an active and visible leadership for our church. The council collaborates with pastors, council members and lay leaders to establish programs and ministries that will sustain and enhance a viable and effective congregation. This includes supporting St. Thomas Academy leadership in maintaining a strong Christian education program. Council members participate actively in discussions and Church decisions. The council serves as a communication conduit to and from members of the congregation, actively seeking input regarding the concerns and needs of the people.

St. Thomas Lutheran Church Council is headed by President Jean Rieker. Colleen Sutton serves as Vice President. Our Secretary is Angela Gagliardi. Norbert Star serves as Treasurer. The remaining council members include Pastors John and Judy Anderson, Jennifer Cubelo, Lee Irwin, Eileen Allen, Robert Horn, Linda Cook-Bensen, Reylene Starego, and Sarah Long.

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