Living as a steward is an entrusted duty for all Christians. We clearly recognize the gifts that God has first given us through grace, and we joyfully accept our role and responsibility as stewards. All that we are and all that we have comes from God and we are responsible to God for how we use our gifts. Generous giving helps us grow in faith.

beach sceneSUMMER GIVING
During the summer months, many of us take much needed and well-deserved time for vacation. Even when we are missing from worship, mission and ministry is still going on. St. Thomas is grateful for Summer Giving! It ensures that our mission and ministry can continue. We want to thank our members for their generosity and for the impact they make through their gifts!

Santuary CandlesSPONSORSHIPS
Members have the opportunity to sponsor altar flowers, the Sanctuary Candle or an issue of the Vine and the Branches. These may be in honor of a special occasion such as birth and birthdays; anniversary of a wedding, baptism, confirmation; or in memory of a loved one; or a thanksgiving for life’s blessings. There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex.

bowl of riceGIVING IS LIVING
“Sipsi ilban” is a proverbial saying in Asia, particularly in Korea. Transliterated, it means “a spoonful of rice from 10 people united may easily help a person in need. Korean Christians have adapted the words to mean that 1/10 of one’s treasure or money will contribute to make God’s treasury whole (complete & sufficient) for its mission and ministry. One tenth of ALL things are entrusted to us by God to be returned to God for God’s use.

If you are interested in staying “current” with your offering or would like to have your offering automatically deducted, please use the PayPal button below!

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